French Bulldogs Are Intelligent But Stubborn – Like Your Coworkers

French bulldogs are intelligent and eager to please. Some of them are known to be stubborn but most of them do well in obedience classes.

These are great choices for apartment and small home dwellers as well as the elderly.

Their sweet temper allows them to at least tolerate  French bulldog puppies for adoption most strangers and enjoy playing with children and other small animals.

However, friendly as they are, most French bulldogs seem to prefer the company of a single person who will spend active and quiet time with them.

Appearance of the French Bulldog

The French bulldogs coat is short and smooth and is seen in several colors and color combinations — black, black and white, fawn, cream and solid white.

The loose skin around the neck and shoulders forms wrinkles.

Their bodies are compact and very muscular. They have bat-like ears that sit high up on their squarish head and an extremely short snout and nose that is also heavily wrinkled.

They typically stand about 10 inches tall and weigh 20 – 25 pounds.

Grooming and Exercise Needs

The French bulldog needs only a bit of brushing and combing once a week or so. However, the wrinkled skin around head and neck should be cleaned two to three times a week for best health.

They consider a walk around the block a heavy workout.

A healthy bulldog can be expected to live about 10 – 12 years.

Origins of the French Bulldog

They were created in the late 19th century when the French crossed the English bulldog with several French breeds.

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