Promotional Product Distributors – Keep Your Eye on the “BIG” Ball

Picture this.  It’s Saturday afternoon as you are sit in the crowd watching the clown with the big red shoes, the oversize pants with gold-colored pattern of diamond shapes held up by suspenders with neon flashing lights attached, orange hair that flips up on the ends, a big red smiley face painted on his lips surrounded by a bold black outline, a bright purple shirt covered in orange circles, and yes, of course, the big red, round nose!  Just the site of him is entertainment with his exaggerated duck-like waddle walk.  But then, to everyone’s amazement, he starts to juggle with his white-gloved hands.  First it’s three balls.  Then it turns to five bowling pins.  Then the crowd is on their feet with eyes and mouths wide open in wonderment over him juggling a basket ball, a bowling pin, a sword knife, a dinner plate and a watermelon all at the same time!  Now that folks, is entertainment!  We pay big money to see that kind of stuff, right? wholesale knife distributors

Now picture this.  It is now Monday morning.  You show up in the office on Monday morning.  You are feeling mighty fine in your dark business-casual suit, your polished shoes and your new haircut.  You are feeling refreshed after a relaxing weekend at the circus on Saturday night.  You are ready to take the proverbial bull by the horns and have a great week.

Then it happens . . . .   The phone rings with your best customer needing a rush order.  An employee calls in sick.  A supplier calls with an out of stock issue.  A customer drops by without an appointment to chat.  And, UPS is there with an order that incorrectly was shipped COD.  If at that moment, the reality mirror were placed in front of you for reflection, you would suddenly melt out of your business casual suit into a spitting image of our “entertainer” you so enjoyed Saturday night.  You are suddenly juggling five different things at once!  Your eyes are as wide open as soft balls trying to keep them all in the air.  You are even doing the duck-waddle trying to keep up!  Believe me, if you haven’t had the nerve to peak into your “reality mirror,” take my word for it.  Its NOT a pretty site!  And no, as a business person, you don’t get paid for that kind of entertainment.

People!  Can I have your attention please?  Stop it!  Just stop the madness!  Now!  Contrary to popular belief, it is not technically possible to multi-task.  Our mind is binary and switches off of one task and onto another.  When multi-tasking, neither task is done efficiently or effectively or probably even accurately.

Step back from the events, problems, priorities and projects and ask yourself this question:  What can I do and only I do right now to move my business forward toward my goals?  Look at the big picture/ball only.  This will put which item from your “To Do List” should become a priority.  Unless you are the last stop on the delegation train, get rid of it.  Constantly re-prioritize as new things come onto your list and In Box.  Do what you do best and delegate the rest.  Set aside a block of concentrated work time each day (90 minutes is recommended) to work on your highest priority items without interruption or distraction.  If you were to only practice this 90 minute block, your productivity would triple or quadruple!  Imagine what strides you’d make if you implemented all these suggestions!


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