Ten Reasons You Need A Custom Tuxedo!

1: Appearance matters: It’s simple the better you dress, the better impression you make on people. Immaculate dressing helps you make a powerful first impression. It’s a mark of a competent and successful person.

2: Define your own style: Custom made suits allow you to explore various styles available and pick what you like the most. You could go for a mix and match in the sense where you might combine a design that you like with the colour you want. The same goes for clubbing a design with a fabric of your choice.

3: Choose your fabric: Suits are made mainly from wool. Worsted which gives a smooth finish and is quite popular. Some of the other fabrics which are available are tweed, herringbone, flannel, khaki, cotton, linen, polyester, microfibers, poplin, cashmere and silk. Silk tuxedos are rare owing to the heavy costs incurred and that it is difficult to work with.

4: Conceal your flaws: Going for off the rack suits may not help you conceal your flaws for example a heavy midriff. Going for a larger size would mean that garment would not fit properly on other areas. A cleverly tailored suit would handle this situation just fine. Extra cloth could be added where it’s required and it will not affect the rest of the suit.

5: Get a fabulous fit: A custom tailored suit will ensure that you get the perfect fit. The entire purpose of a custom made suit is that it brings out your personal style in the best possible manner.

6: Make it fit your budget: The budget of a custom tailore custom suits nj  suit is entirely in your hands. If a design that you like is too expensive, you could use a different fabric which could cut down the cost. Machine made suits cut down the costs significantly as compared to hand tailored suits also.

7: No exchanges: You can be assured that you will be free from the hassles of exchanging suits just because you did not find the fitting matching up to your standards because custom suits are tailored specifically for you. There is no question of having issues of any kind.

8: Save time: Imagine all the time you would be saving just because you will be spared from running back and forth from the shop because you are stuck with an ill fitted suit. And also you might not even find the size you are looking for as it might not be available at the time you need it. You might have to settle for a different size. Custom tuxedos help you get rid of all these worries.

9: Value for money: Since you are getting a combination of a flawless fit, a fabric of your choice and a pattern of your liking, it’s worth every penny you spend.


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